About Dr Ting

Dr. S. T. Terence Ting is a specialist in respiratory and sleep medicine. After studying in Oxford, England and graduating at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2006, Dr Ting relocated to Australia in 2008 and embarked on Physician Training at the Canberra Hospital and Health Services. 

He went on to complete his Specialist Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Training in Canberra and Sydney’s Liverpool and Westmead Hospitals. Dr Ting specialises in pleural diseases and holds a Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU), accredited by the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine.

ACT Lung and Sleep was founded in February 2022. Dr Ting is the Director and Consultant Physician of the Clinic. He has admitting and visiting rights at most private hospitals in the ACT. 

Dr Ting regularly attends the ACT territory-wide lung cancer and mesothelioma multi-disciplinary meeting, as well as national and international conferences in relation to respiratory and sleep medicine.

In addition to clinical medicine, Dr Ting is also an accredited Local Examiner and Educational Supervisor for the Royal Australasian College of Physician (RACP). In his spare time, Dr Ting enjoys training in the martial art of Kyokushin Karate, as well as listening to both jazz and classical music.

About Dr Wai-Meng Voon

Dr. WM Voon is a specialist in respiratory medicine.

After graduating at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney, Dr Voon trained in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Sydney’s Campbelltown and St George Hospitals, and The Canberra Hospital. He is experienced in the treatment of lung diseases and has a public appointment in General Medicine at The Canberra Hospital.

His interests include treatment of Tuberculosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Dr Voon enjoys being involved with teaching junior medical doctors at The Canberra Hospital and loves to spend time with his only son, Lucas and wife Sue.

About Dr. Qaiser Niazi

Dr. Qaiser Niazi is an adult Respiratory and Sleep Physician. He did specialized training in Respiratory Medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital and moved to St. George Hospital to gain diverse experience in sleep disorders and Respiratory Failure management.

Dr Niazi aims to provide comprehensive, state of the art patient centred care with particular focus on education and communication. To better understand environmental, community and behavioural health he has done Masters in public health (MPH) from prestigious University of Sydney.

Dr Niazi has a keen interest in research and has presented his work at different national and international conferences.

Special interests

Respiratory disorders: Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Rhinosinusitis, Chronic cough, Lung nodules, Interstitial lung diseases, Respiratory failure & NIV 

Sleep disorders: OSA, Obesity Hypoventilation, Insomnia, Parasomnias, Circadian rhythm sleep disorders, Restless legs syndrome.

Hospital Affiliations & Organisations

Dr Ting is affiliated with the below hospitals in the ACT:

  • Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
  • Calvary Bruce Private Hospital
  • Calvary John James Hospital
  • National Capital Private Hospital

Dr Ting is affiliated with the below organisations in the ACT:

  • The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)
  • Australasian Sleep Association (ASA)
  • Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)
  • The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ)
  • Australian Medical Association (AMA)
ACT Lung and Sleep

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